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Dear visitors to Mando Softtech India,
Welcome to our fantastic engineering world, Mando Softtech India (MSI).
Mando Corporation, Mother Company of MSI in Korea is the one of leading company in World Automotive Parts Industry. MSI   is the one of R&D center in Global Mando. MSI is providing intelligent and innovative engineering solution for development of Mando products. – Conventional and Electronic Control System of Brake, Steering, Suspension and Driver Assist System.

In these days Electric/Electronics is main stream of Automotive Industry in the world. Mando is also concentrating on   electric/electronic solution to enhance own products like Electronic Stability Control, Electric Parking Brake, Electric Power Steering, Smart Damping Control and Driver Assist System with Camera, Radar and Ultra Sonic Sensor. Especially our   products fully related to safety are strongly requesting safety design like requirements of ISO26262. MSI is providing the  solutions for intelligent and innovative technology for Mando products development into all kind of cars – passenger car, commercial car, combustion car, hybrid car and electric car and contributing to realize full safety and no failure in Mando electric/electronic products in order to comply to functional safety. Main goal of MSI is to accomplish perfect safety with  evolved competenceinElectric/Electronics development.
Working fieldof MSI isclassified as below.
-    Hardware development
-    Software development
-    Development of Environment for development
-    Validation and Verification
-    CAE support (Modeling and Analysis)

MSI has grown up since established in 2005. At first MSI provided only engineering resource to support development. But nowadays role of MSI is to not only support but also lead development of products system. The scale of companyhas been obtained over 50 times compared to the beginning of establishment. The competence of MSI is also expanding to support for all global demands from Korea, Germany, China and North America. Now Mando is Global Leading Company and MSI is also Global Engineering Leading Company in Mando without any doubtful occasion. The growth of MSI will continue forever along with the growth of Mando.

“Satisfaction” is the main motto in MSI. First of all,MSI focuses on “Customer Satisfaction” with all of our efforts. Customer can expect perfect service and products from MSI. To achieve “Customer Satisfaction”, MSI always recognizes and analyzes customer requirements exactly and creates new innovative solution to make products to realizethe customer requirements.

Additionally MSI also focuses on “Employee Satisfaction”. The company can sustain eternally if the employee can sustain. To achieve satisfaction of employee,MSI considers the balance between work and life of employees. Several committees are organized by employees and leads activity to motivate all of our employees. Basic principle of Human Resource Management is to make our employees participate. MSI employees can make their culture, history and career through participation in all activities of company.

With MSI, customers and employees can dream, believe and just do everything.
Always welcome you to our MSI.
Thank you.

October, 01 2014
Sunghyun Yoon
Managing Director
Mando Softtech India Pvt. Ltd.


Message From Ex. Managing Director

Welcome to Mando Softtech India Pvt Ltd. Mando is one of the world's leading company in Automotive industries. Mando Softtech India (MSI) is one of the subsidiary of Mando. MSI is R&D centre specialized in electronic control field.

Nowadays, the technology trend is moving from passive safety to active safety and accident free. Automotive components to be electronically controlled so that vehicle to be controlled and remain in safety situation. For example, vehicle is not spinning out on slippery surface or vehicle is detecting front side pedestrian and reduce its speed accordingly. These kinds of R&D deliverable are being implemented or will be implemented to real vehicle so that driver can drive in safety environment. MSI is doing R&D activities in this field. We are very much proud of ourselves contributing future technology for human kind.

MSI is very young organization. We have passion. We have dreams and future. I like this saying Organization grows up in the size of organization members thinking. Since MSI members have unlimited size of thinking for the future, I assure you that we will one of world leading R&D organization in the future. MSI started to pioneer future automotive technology and we will continue this way so that our footsteps will be milestones for the future technology.

I would like to recall the saying from Honorary Chairman In Young Chung, founder of Mando, that I Dream it, Believe it and Just do it.

Ex. Managing Director
Mando Softtech India