Employment Opportunity/

Senior Platform Software Engineer

Summary of Job Profile
Mando Softtech India Private Limited (MSI) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mando Corporation, a major global automotive supplier from South Korea. The SW-IV team at MSI is a highly skilled and motivated team engaged in research and development of camera-based solutions for advanced driving assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicles (AV). The Platform Software Group (PSG) of the SW-IV team is responsible for the porting and optimization of camera-based algorithms, sensor fusion algorithms, machine learning algorithms, and neural networks on automotive multi-core embedded platforms. We are looking for a senior software engineer to join our growing team and contribute to the advancement of our technology.

Essential duties & reponsibilities
1. Participate in and contribute to the design, development, validation, and deployment of platform software on target embedded platforms.
2. Work closely with the algorithm development group to port and optimize ADAS and AV applications
3. Collaborate with teams both inside and outside the company to troubleshoot and resolve problems
4. Create and maintain relevant documentation during all phases of the development life-cycle
5. Participate in engineering meetings, including status reviews, design reviews, code walkthroughs, validation reviews, etc.
6. Perform assigned tasks with limited supervision
7. Provide technical support to other team members on various assignments, as instructed

Knowledge, skills, and abilities required to successfully perform the job
1. Excellent problem-solving and analytical skills are a must; basic knowledge of data structures and algorithms will be considered a plus
2. Knowledge of C programming for embedded platforms is a must; knowledge of C++ and/or Python will be considered a plus
3. Experience of NVIDIA GPU programming using CUDA is a must
4. Experience of software development for at least one multi-core automotive embedded platform (NVIDIA DrivePX2/Jetson, Renesas R-Car, TI TDAxx, NXP iMX6/S32V, Intel/Mobileye, etc.) is a must; experience with NVIDIA Drive PX 2 or NVIDIA Jetson will be considered a plus
5. Experience with embedded peripheral interfaces (Ethernet, I2C, SPI, CAN/FlexRay, HDMI, Flash memory, etc.) will be considered a plus
6. Excellent ability to switch between being an individual contributor as well as a team player, as required
7. Excellent communication, presentation, and personal management skills

Experience and Qualifications (education, licensure, and/or certification required for the position)                                                                     
1. Minimum 3 years of relevant work experience in embedded software development is required
2. Minimum 1 year of relevant work experience in embedded software development for ADAS domain is required
3. B.E./B.Tech. degree in E&C/E&TC Engineering is required; M.E./M.Tech. degree in E&C/E&TC Engineering will be considered a plus