Employment Opportunity/

Software Engineer for Image processing

Job Title: Software Engineer for Image processing

Job Description:
1. Provide solutions to ADAS applications.
2. Developing and prototyping Computer Vision and Analytics Algorithms for automotive applications.
3. Developing the object detection and object tracking algorithms for ADAS application.
4. Contribute to vision applications in developing product features.
5. Refining image processing and video analytics algorithms.
6. General product development responsibilities including research, implementation, documentation and testing general product features.

Essential Requirements:

1. Experience in Image Processing and Computer Vision Applications.
2. Experience in Machine Learning algorithm development.
3. Experience in developing the algorithm based on decision tress, random forest, SVMs etc.
4. Experience in deep learning approaches (Neural Networks).
5. Strong in hypothesis formulation and validation.
6. Hands on experience in Soft Computing Tools. (Neural Networks, Artificial Intelligence, Fuzzy Logic, etc.)
7. Programming experience in C/C++ with an understanding of object oriented programming concepts.

Added Requirements:

1. Experience required in Matlab and Simulink.
2. Knowledge in OpenCV, OpenGL, and other third party open source libraries.
3. Hands-on experience in research, development, prototyping, testing and troubleshooting computer vision and image processing applications.

Experience: 4-7 years in algorithm development.

Qualification of the Candidate Required:

1. BTech/BE in Computer Science / Electronics Engineering from reputed Institutes.
2. MTech/MS/ME/ Equivalent degree in Computer Science/ Electronics Engineering/Applied Mathematics from reputed Institutes.