Employment Opportunity/


Summary of Job Profile                                                                    
Working within a small, enthusiastic development team delivering  Softwre Tool to assist Automotive Projects.                                                                                   

Essential Duties & Responsibilities                                                                     
1. Work on Agile Development Methodology.                                                                
2. Software specification, design(UML), coding and validation.
3. Development of software solutions using C++/ C#/ Python.
4. Close liaison with hardware / systems engineers.
5. unit Testing of software solutions Hardware/Vehicle.
6. Identify and analyse problems and successfully give a solution. 

Knowledge, Skill, Abilities(KRA's)required to successfully perform the job
Knowlegde :                                                                  
1. WPF/Winform STL, Design Patterns, OOPS.                                                        
2. Expertise in Data structures and algorithms  is must.
Skill :
1. Good hands on experience in STL / Collections Classes 
2. Knowledge of TCP/IP winsock/POSIX socket communication protocol. 
3. Konwledge of automotive protocols (UDS CAN / XCP) will be added advantage.
4. Working knowledge of XML / EXCEL/MySQL based datasets.
5. Good debugging and profiling skills using visual studio debugger.                                                                    

Education,Experience,Licensure,Certification required for the position                                                                     
Experience:        2 to 5 years                                                        
Qualification :     MCA, B.Tech(Computer Science, IT,electronics)                
Competencies required to successfully perform the Job                                                                    
Technical Competencies:    same as above.            
Non- Technical Competencies:                
1. Team player with strong commitment.                    
2. Openness to new approaches, high flexibility.