Employment Opportunity/


Summary of Job Profile                                                                    
As a Software & Methods Development Engineer, he/she will play an integral role within the Automation Development Team of CAE (Computer Aided Engineer). He/She will have exposer to be involved in a broad range of tasks, including the Generation / Development of engineering software and simulation tools in automobile chasis system (Brake, Steering, Suspension). These include FEA (Finite Element Analysis), NVH (Noise Vibration Harshness), Strength Analysis, Process Modelling, Buckling & Drop Test etc. Contribute towards standardizing tools structure and enhance the accuracy of the designed Algorithms.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities                                                                     
1. Capable of handeling seprate modules structure like: geometry generator, mesh generator, simulation algorithms (any one)
2. Independently develop automation applications & Should take respondibility of task assigned.
3. Must understand the company policies, ethics and culture
4. Quality Conscious and methods developments.
5. Hands-on experience in one or more of the following:
6. The design and development of at least one large piece of code, preferably with a focus on structural analysis. (or any other)
7. Test data analysis including: data mining, visualisation, data management and database de-sign.
8. Pre & Post code optimisation (performance improvement) to reduce run times.
9. Co-coordinating with team members for the timely execution of the project
10. Prepare project Schedule, maintain the timeline and complete before stipulated deadline
11. To do the required knowledge transfer within the team or new members
12. Good communication skills & good team player 

Knowledge, Skill, Abilities(KRA's)required to successfully perform the job
1. Experience /  knowledge of Object Oriented Programming, particularly C# / C++, Python & scripting programing
2. Experience / Knowledge of Scripting language TCL / TK. (optional)
3. Knowledge of computational geometry.
4. Knowledge and experience of the Altair portfolio, in particular  HyperMesh and API’s.
5. Experience of CAD, CAE and CAD-CAE integration, inautomation of the CAD/CAE modelling and the use of integration frameworks.
6. Experience of software architectural and database flow design.
7. Should understand the tool architecture and develop tools as per the Implementation plan.
8. Knowledge of the software lifecycle including source control and testing frameworks.
9. Experience / Exposer of variety of python packages and its usae will added advantage.
10.Knowlwdge of data processing of Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) systems will be added advantage
11.Python, C++, My SQL (Must) • TCL/TK, Visual Basics, Batch Scripting, Shell Scripting (optional)
12.System level knowledge, Capable to interact with customers, team work, Cope up with challenging working conditions
13.Computer: Python (IDE: Geny, PyCharm), Visual Studio V.10 & above
14.Mechanical: HyperMesh, Abaqus , FE-Safe or FEMFat, (OptiStruct and Radioss added advantage)

Education,Experience,Licensure,Certification required for the position                                                                     
Experience:           3 ~ 4 years                                                            
Qualification :        B.E./ B.Tech,   Computer Science / Mechanical ( optional: With mechanical Related subjects or course certification)
                              B.E./ B.Tech,   Mechanical / Automobile / Production (optional: With Computer Related subjects or course certification)
Specific Technical Qualification/Certification :C++ / Python / Java, etc courses or trainings from recognized institutions is an added advantage.

Competencies required to successfully perform the Job
Technical Competencies:
1. Knowledge of CAD and CAE software products.
2. knowledge of integrating Mechanical & Computer science technology.
3. Experience in the field of engineering simulation and design software will be added advantage

4. Planning and Process oriented
5. Automotive domain knowledge will be added advantage    
Non- Technical Competencies:                
1. Capable to manage the project and deliver according to requirement                                                    
2. Problem solving capabilities, multi-tasking skills will be added advantage