Employment Opportunity/

FSE_EMC Analysis

Summary of Job Profile:
1. EMC Analysis engineer with good understanding of EMC concept and standards (CISPR&IEC)
2. Responsible for Pre and post Signal /Power Integrity and EMC analysis.
3. Responsible for debugging and providing solutions for EMC related issue.
4. Should have basic skill of PCB design.
5. Support PCB team for layout design with EMC compliance
6. Able to create manuals and specifications for EMC.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:
1. EMC (SI/PI/EMI) analysis for High Power and High Current multi layer PCB.
2. Signal Integrity (DDR2/3, SPI, I2C) for High Speed multi layer PCB.
3. Analysis, debugging and providing solution for  EMC & EMI on PCB layout specially for CE & RE
4. Reports and documentation
5. Onsite Job for at least 3 years in MDK,South Korea

Knowledge, Skill, Abilities(KRA's)required to successfully perform the job:
1. Schematic, PCB Layout - Cadence allegro and OrCAD capture.
2. Knowledge of EMC simulation tools- Ansys Siwave, Ansys Desktop Designer, Ansys Simplorer, Hyperlynx SI/PI
3. Knowledge of High Speed interfaces (DDR2/3), good understanding of timing diagrams.
4. Knowledge of AC/DC & SSN noises, Voltage Drop, Crosstalk and electromagnetic radiation.   
5. Skill to extract RLGC parasitic extraction and Circuit simulation
6. Knowledge of High power and High current operating devices ( MOSFET, Solenoid, Motors etc.)
7. Ability to work individually.

Education,Experience,Licensure,Certification required for the position:
Experience:    3~5 Years
Qualification:  B tech / BE in Electronics & Communication Engineering

Competencies required to successfully perform the Job:
Technical Competencies:
1. Should be able to make analysis for placement & routing of High density design, awareness regarding thermally proof design.
2. Should have knowledge of EMC requirement and utilization of lab equipment
3. Should have knowledge to resolve EMI/EMC issues
4. Should have knowledge of Signal Integrity and Power Integrity

Non- Technical Competencies:
1. Good communication skill