Employment Opportunity/

Software Engineer for Image processing

Job Description:
 - Provide solutions to ADAS applications.
 - Developing and prototyping Computer Vision and Analytics Algorithms for automotive applications.
 - Developing the object detection and object tracking algorithms for ADAS application.
 - Contribute to vision applications in developing product features.
 - Refining image processing and video analytics algorithms.
 - General product development responsibilities including research, implementation, documentation and testing general product features

Essential Requirements:
 - Experience in Image Processing and Computer Vision Applications.
 - Experience in Machine Learning algorithm development.
 - Experience in developing the algorithm based on decision tress, random forest, SVMs etc.
 - Experience in deep learning approaches (Neural Networks).
 - Strong in hypothesis formulation and validation.
 - Hands on experience in Soft Computing Tools. (Neural Networks, Artificial Intelligence, Fuzzy Logic, etc.)
 - Programming experience in C/C++ with an understanding of object oriented programming concepts.

Added Requirements:
 - Experience required in Matlab and Simulink.
 - Knowledge in OpenCV, OpenGL, and other third party open source libraries.
 - Hands-on experience in research, development, prototyping, testing and troubleshooting computer vision and image processing applications.

Year of Experience:
 - 4-7 years in algorithm development.

Qualification of the Candidate Required:

 - BTech/BE in Computer Science / Electronics Engineering from reputed Institutes.
 - MTech/MS/ME/ Equivalent degree in Computer Science/ Electronics Engineering/Applied Mathematics from reputed Institutes.