Employment Opportunity/

HRD Officer

Summary of Job Profile:
 - Act as organizational change agents by helping the management in designing and implementing change strategies to transform the organization
 - Play the role of an HR systems designer and developer by assisting the HR management in designing and developing HR systems in an organization to increase its performance
 -  Identify the impact of an intervention on individual or organizational effectiveness.
 - Identify the needs of the employees and develop and design the required learning programmes. They also prepare materials and other learning aids for these programmes.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:
 - Survey and analyze training and development needs to create individual development plans for staff
 - Align the strategic training and development plan with the goal of the organization, competencies, training needs and necessity perform their duties
 - Create programs and activities to provide skill development, such as e-learning, community of practices, mentoring, coaching, and group dynamics
 - Analysis, design and develop schemes to improve and evaluate the organization’s training and development programs
 - Prepare and monitoring training report including submit training report to Department of Skill Development HR Relationship
 -  Staff recruitment, selection, hiring, evaluation, and development.

Knowledge, Skill, Abilities(KRA's)required to successfully perform the job:
 - Previous experience developing and/or leading a corporate training program preferred.

 - Excellent written, verbal and presentation skills
 - Superb communication and interpersonal skills are essential to this position

Education,Experience,Licensure,Certification required for the position:
Experience: 4 - 6 Years
Qualification: Master's Degree or higher in training and development, human resources, organizational development, or related discipline.

Competencies required to successfully perform the Job:
Technical Competencies:
 - Strong analytical, management and decision-making skills to assess training needs and recommend appropriate solutions.
 - MS Word
 - MS Excel
 - Outlook

Non- Technical Competencies:
 - Quick learner wrt Industry updates
 - Understanding of adult learning process
 - Labour Law knowledge
 - Good content development and understanding skills
 - Excellent Communication skills
 - Attention to details