Employment Opportunity/

HILS Test Engineer

Summary of Job Profile:

 - Integration Testing
 - Diagnostic Testing
 - Matlab and simulink
 - Test Case Development
 - Automation scripts using python

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:
 - Environment set up for Testing : DSPACE HILS
 - Integration testing
 - Diagnostic Testing
 - Test Report

Knowledge, Skill, Abilities(KRA's)required to successfully perform the job:
 - Knowledge of DSPACE HILS, Matlab, Oscilloscope, Vector Canoe,Basic Electronics Concepts

 - C,Python , Matlab

 - Ability to understand the test scenarios for testing.

 - CANoe Tool will be Advantage

Education,Experience,Licensure,Certification required for the position:
Experience: 2~3 years
Qualification: BTECH ECE

Specific Technical Qualification/Certification:
 - ISTQB Foundation Level , Matlab Simulink ( Would be advantage: Not Mandatory)

Competencies required to successfully perform the Job:
Technical Competencies:
 - Matlab simulink Knowledge

Non- Technical Competencies:Microsoft:
 - Word file, excel , Power Point