Employee's message

I have great colleagues to work with and varied exposure makes my commitment go a long way with MSI. Trust and Appreciation excites me while working with MSI.

Prakash Krishnamurty

Professionalism in work, adequate learning opportunities for development and that goes for all employees. I Love my job.  I have worked across different domains and travel through geographies. This enlightened cultural sensitivity and gave comparative insights and confidence.


Trust & believes along with ownership feeling, which makes me feel excites at work.  I appreciate MSI for creating best environment which helps to work with passion and dedication.

Venkateshwara Rao Pechetti

Mando gave me various growth opportunities like customer exposure interaction with our global partners in Europe, China & Korea. Also at a very young age I was given the chance to lead and manage. Which really gave me an edge in terms of my career path. Work culture is good as the policies are more employee friendly and most of policies are drafted after taking employees suggestion.

Arjit Mandal

I felt extreme support from my team, it’s invaluable!! It makes me feel special and positive. We have a good work-life balance and sufficient amount of sports and cultural events which bring MSI together as a family.

Rashi Gupta